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Buy Best Quality Almonds | Best Brands of Almonds Especially for Export

Buy best quality almonds from online markets. Almonds are magic nuts which contain many nutrients that are helpful for health. Almonds are used as snacks and flavor to deserts either. Different types of this nut can be found for different purposes. Many countries can produce almonds but most of them use this product for home use. It means it is not enough for exporting to other countries to gain currency. Among all countries the United States is the largest producer of almond. It can produce almond for home use and also exporting to other countries. US provides 69% of the world almond exports.

Buy Best Quality Almonds|Best Brands of Almonds Especially for Export

how do you choose the best quality almonds?

how do you choose the best quality almonds?Almond contains many nutrients such as fiber, protein and fat. It also has high amount of minerals such as Magnesium, Manganese, copper and phosphorus. Almond also contains the vitamin E and B2. So it is a good choice to be on your diet. But there are conditions you should consider when you want to buy almond. First of all, know about the best brand of almonds. Google for best almond nuts brand to get more information. Second of all, consider that if you want to buy shelled almond before purchasing, shake it and if it rattles it means that it is aging. Also, check the inside of the almond by splitting it into two halves and look its white texture carefully to know whether it is yellowish. If it tends to be yellow, throw it away. You can store almond in a dry, cool and dark place for about two years. But pack it in unopened packages.

What is the price of almonds?

What is the price of almonds?Depend on the country which sells this product, the almond type (Whether it is sweet, bittersweet, green,… and also raw or roasted) and the product manufacturer brand (if it is the best almond brand to buy) the prices are different. This means that one kilogram of spicy almonds which is produced by a Chinese manufacturer may cost 6 dollars whereas one kilogram of raw almonds may cost 8 dollars.

Which country has the best almonds?

Which country has the best almonds?Almond is native to the Middle East countries but now its largest producer is the United States. The US can produce more than 2 million tons of almond each year. It exports sweet almonds in many countries around the world. California is the most important region for producing almond in the US for commercial purposes. About 70% of the produced almond is sold with shells and the other 30% is sold without shells. So the US manufacturers are good choices to buy best quality almonds.

Spain is the second country which exports almond. It exports 202 thousand tons of almond annually. Iran has the third place in almond exporting and producing. It exports 147 thousand tons of almond each year in two different types of sweet and bittersweet. Iranian also use green almonds as snacks.

The almond biggest importers are Germany, Japan and the Netherlands.

Buy Almonds online at best price.

Buy Almonds online at best price.Almond can be sold online. Many manufacturers have online markets in which you can order almond.

But what are almonds used for?

Almond contains the vitamin E which can reduce the rate of heart disease and cancer and also is good to prevent Alzheimer. Almond has high amount of magnesium which is useful for high blood pressure and high blood sugar. High blood pressure can lead to heart attack, kidney failure and also strokes and High blood sugar leads to type 2 diabetes. Bad cholesterol can cause some of heart diseases, and almond can lower LDL. Due to the high amounts of fiber and protein, it causes to feel full so it’s a great choice for reducing hunger. It is also a good source as an antioxidant. Stress leads to cancer and aging and also damages you cells because it is an oxidative. Eating almond can destroy the effects of stress.

Add the almond to your daily diet and enjoy its effect on your health.

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