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buy mamra badam at discounted price

For mamra badam price contact Zarin Maghz Company. We offer you suitable prices for Mamra almond.

Mamra Badam is available in different sizes or grades. Be with us in this article, we will acquaint you with Mamra almond, its features and where to buy that.

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Mamra Almond nutritional facts

mamra badam price

Lets talk about Mamra almond nutritional facts. Have you ever heard that Iran Mamra almond is the most organic kind of almond in the world?

If you have not eaten Mamra almond, We suggest you to try that once. You will notice that it has a unique taste. It is sweeter and more delicious than other kinds of almonds.

People leaving in European countries do not know that how a nut for example an almond can be delicious. Because Californian almonds or other types of almonds there are genetically manipulated, so They are not delicious at all.

Besides, their nutritional content is very low. When we say eating almonds regularly in a day is a major factor in cancer avoiding or bone strengthening, we mean eating an organic almond like Mamra almond not anything else.

mamra badam price is not very cheap, due to its naturalness. People in Iran can not really afford to buy that. It is an export product. Mamra almond export in Iran has a very dynamic and profitable market.

Mamra almond or as Indian calls that Mamra Badam is very nutritional. With any diet, you can consume that. Its vitamin E cause a lot of freshness for the skin

It contains  beneficial substances for immunizing many layers covering the body against chronic diseases and even diseases such as cancer, and thus creating stronger forces in this regard.

So it should be mentioned that in order to get rid of blemishes, swollen pimples, inflammation and the like eat organic Mamra almonds 7 up to 14  kernels per day.

mamra badam at cheapest price

mamra badam price

If you are looking for mamra badam price, Our consultants in the collection can help you. Contact Zarin Maghz Company for consulting and ordering.

Mamra almond as a special kind of almond is exported to many countries in the world including India, Japan, China, Turkey, Arab countries and European countries.

Most of the Iran Mamra almond kernels is exported to India. India is one of the big importers of Mamra almond. It is true that India itself has many kinds of native nuts such as almonds and cashews, but they prefer to use Iran Mamra almond. Because it is very delicious and more nutritional.

In India mamra almond price is more expensive than other kinds of almonds, however the demands for that is very high.

Even India export Iran Mamra almond to other European countries. Sometimes the products are exported under the name “Kashmiri Mamra almond”. However Mamra almond is native to Iran and this kind of almond does not grow in other parts of the world.

Zarin Maghz Comapny is a grower, producer and exporter of Mamra Badam. We export wholesale Mamra Badam to many countries in the world especially India.

The sale of Iranian almonds, considering that it is the product of professional domestic producers, has nearly millions of buyers from every country, and because the conditions used in these special measures are always, their fans are constantly gaining more trust. This amazing business trend can be seen with the bulk supply of goods and many important elements are used to perform the steps, so that both the seller is satisfied with the quick transaction and thus the buyer gets cheap custom goods.

So the special sale of short or long varieties of these almonds creates the excitement that you, as an applicant, expect to offer first-class bulk samples at any time.

Mamra almond has 8 grades. Among them grade 5A is the best and expensive one. The kernels in this grade are lager in  size than other grades. When a customer order wholesale Mamra almond, percentage of all grades are selected for sale.

Be in touch with Zarin Maghz Company. We can provide you wholesale Mamra almond and other kinds of Iranian nuts of high quality. Export products of Our collection is as follows:

Different kinds of almonds, Different kinds pf pistachios, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, figs, raisins and dried apricots.

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