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1 Kg Peanuts Price In Chennai |Cheapest Irani Badam in the World

1 kg peanuts price in Chennai. Dry fruits occupy a very high and prominent place in the worldwide markets of the world. These are the natural edible items , which one needs the most in order to stay healthy as well as perfectly well especially in winters. One of the very famous and delicious type of dry fruits is peanuts , which are known greatly all across the globe. Further, peanuts are famous in the world because of the nutrients that are present in them. The home producing countries of peanuts are less , which is the reason of high selling rate of these dry fruits.

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Almonds price in india today| How much is almond price today in india

Almonds price in india today is about 3$. it has been decreased in price because farmer have grown nuts of almonds more than before and shops went fool of them so price decreased and now it is easier to buy .although price of almonds have been decrease but trader are satisfy and Almond growers say they haven't felt the pinch yet . there are three types of almond that we can find all over the world  but almonds are grown in united states more than other countries and US has an important industry of almond export. almonds with soft shell produced in california and those one with hard shell grow in portugal so in this way we can distinguish them.. 

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