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mamra almond for sale in India

mamra almond for sale is present in Zarin Maghz Company. We are producer and distributor of Mamra almonds and different kinds of Iranian nuts:

Pistachios, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, raisins, figs and dried apricots.

mamra almond sale in India is distributed in the form of packaging for buyers and by visiting this agencies, you can buy almonds in packages of different sizes. India is one of the big importers of Iran Mamra almond.

Due to the high demand of other countries to buy these products from our country, its per capita export is very high and a large volume of this product is exported to other countries annually.

Which almond is better Mamra or regular almond?

mamra almond for sale

Do you know which almond is better Mamra or regular almond? Definitely Mamra almond.

It is the most organic kind of almond in the world. It is not really comparable with other kinds of almonds like Californian or Canadian almonds based on the taste and the quality.

almonds have many fans and a large amount of them is exported. almond tree is so-called late flowering and has high resistance to pests, but on the other hand, its fruit is early. The shell of these almonds is also thinner compared to other almonds. Typically, this type of almond is used in the food industry in powder and slices and in nuts in the form of salt and raw.

Mamra almond is used in some industrial applications such as soap and various cosmetics due to its good fat content.

Almond is one of the best and most popular brain foods, because it contains many nutrients, unsaturated fats, vitamins, and minerals, and as you know, nuts are a good place among Iranians on the night of Nowruz eve.

Almonds are a rich source of B and E vitamins and also have high levels of minerals. Because almonds are high in vitamins and minerals, they are nutritious brain food and therefore very good and nutritious for infants and toddlers.

Contact Zarin Maghz Company for mamra almond for sale. we offer you high quality Iranian nuts at an appropriate price. 

Mamra almond sale centers in India

mamra almond for sale

There are many Mamra almond sale centers in India, but they are not grower of almonds. Mamra almond does not grow in India. It is exported to India.

Since Indians prefer Iran Mamra almond and the demands to buy that is very high, Most of Iran Mamra almond is sold to India.

Even the grades for Mamra almond is created by Indians. They call Mamra almond kernels as Mamra Badam giri.

mamra almond sale centers have been established in different cities and the sale of quality products at the best prices is mainly below the market price and can be loaded and sent directly to the factory door price for purchase and has a longer life.

Selling almonds with high quality at the best price is one of the facilities that the company has considered for the well-being of the consumer. Since the price of these products is of special importance to buyers, these facilities can be made better and more available to the major buyers of almonds.

Selling quality products has a good discount and customers can order them according to their needs and buy widely.

Wholesale order of Mamra almond in Zarin Maghz Company is possible. mamra almond for sale is available in Our collection.

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