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mamra almond suppliers at bulk price

Mamra almond is one of the best types of almonds found in markets across the country. This product is used in various industries, so it has a high demand. mamra almond price is very cheap, so it is more in demand than other almond cultivars. mamra almond suppliers at bulk price, distribute these products in first class quality in markets all over the country.

mamra almond suppliers at bulk price

mamra almond 5A grade features

mamra almond 5A grade features In this article, we want to provide information about Iranian almonds and examine the features of this product. Almond tree cultivars vary according to the region in which they are planted. There are several types of almond cultivars on the market, each with its own characteristics. One of the most important almond cultivars is Mamra almond cultivar. Almond cultivar Mamra is a native cultivar. Almond growing and production center is Mamra in Kurdistan province and sends this product to the country’s markets in high quality.

mamra almond 5A grade features briefly discussed in this article. One of the characteristics of Mamra almonds is that the percentage of bitterness in the almond kernel obtained from this product is very small. This low percentage of bitterness is one of the positive features of this figure. Mamra almond is known for its late flowering and is therefore very suitable for planting in cold and semi cold provinces. Mamra almond seedlings bear fruit in the first year and the flowers of these seedlings bloom later than other almond trees; This feature makes the flowers of the tree safe from the cold of spring.

Mamra almonds are marketed in various forms such as raw or processed. While processing almonds in workshops, this product may be flavored with special spices. Saffron spices, salt, pepper, cinnamon are widely used to flavor almonds. Pepper flavored almonds are more popular among teenagers. Salted almonds are the most popular among the people and have a great sales market.

buy mamra almond from bulk suppliers

buy mamra almond from bulk suppliers Almonds is one of the most popular nuts that has a lot of calories. Almonds originate from Asian countries and the tree of this product has been grown in Iran for a long time. Mamra almonds are grown completely organically in our country and no chemical toxins are used during the production and processing of this product, so it has been able to attract many customers.

Many factors and criteria are influential in determining the price of almonds. Almonds have different prices depending on the type of variety from which it is produced. The type of almond wood bark also affects the price of this product. The size and type of processing of this product also affect its final price. mamra almond bulk offered to domestic markets at reasonable and cheap prices through this center.

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