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mamra badam bulk supply in 2021

Zarin Maghz Company is one of the mamra badam bulk suppliers in Iran.

Mamra almond called mamra Badam in India is a kind of organic almond growing just in Iran. It is the most natural, nutritional and delicious kind of almond in the world.

those who has tasted Mamra almond say that It is really special and unique. Its sweet taste, its soft texture, its large size and its  delicious taste really can not be found in any other kinds of almonds.

To buy Mamra almond of high quality contact Zarin Maghz Company. We are supplier and exporter of Iranian nuts especially Mamra almonds.

Organic Mamra almond features

mamra badam bulk

  • let us learn about different types of almonds:
  • Spanish or American almond: They are the industrial and the cheapest almonds with less heath benefit
  • Indian almonds: They are bittersweet and also popular among people around the world. They are in the moderate range and moderate price
  • Mamra or Afghanistan/ Afgani Badam: they are the most popular, rare , most delicious, and high priced almonds around the world.
  • Iran Mamra almond: It is not genetically manipulated. the main indication for that is its twin kernels and different size and shapes. Unlike American almonds, they are very tasty and delicious. They are more nutritional than other kinds of almonds.

We are going to tell you the health benefits and nutrition facts of Mamra badam and answer this question Why Mamra badam is the most expensive almond?

Mamra almond is the best oil provider, this almond contains 50% oil, while American contains just 30% oil; oil is the main source of nutrition in every species of almond.  Mamra Badam has more nutrients than the other species.

The most organic type of almond is Mara almond. These almonds present to the costumers as natural as possible and there is the least amount of chemicals in its planting.

This species has the most nutrition and it is a rich source of portions, minerals and vitamins, it also can prevent many diseases like Coronary Artery, stroke and…

Zarin Maghz company provide you mamra badam bulk in an appropriate price.

Mamra Badam has also historical importance; it was loved by many emperors, because of having really delicious and sweet taste.

mamra badam bulk production in 2021

mamra badam bulk

Mamra badam bulk production in 2021 belongs to Zarin Maghz Company.

Since this species of almond has the best nutrition and heath benefit and the farmers tries to involves the least amount of chemicals in its production and planting, so it is the most natural and organic almond in the world.

There is some points for producing almond:

  • It needs plenty of sunshine
  • Almond needs hot weather for growing up
  • It also needs abundant water
  • The almond is really sensitive to cold weather.

Nowadays planting and harvesting almond is expanded all over the world; global production of almond is 2,2 million tons and 46% of it is the production of American almond and the main producer of almond countries are Iran, Spain and Marrakesh had the 22% of the production.

Iran individually produces 6% of global amount of almond, the provider provinces of Iran are the following:

Chaharmahal and bakhtiari, Khorasan, Azarbayjan sharghi, Fars, Kerman, Markazi, Zanjan

Iran Mamra almond is exported to many countries in the world including: India, China, Japan, Canada, Greece, Emirates, Dubai,…

Be in touch with Zarin Maghz Company. We are supplier and exporter of Iranian nuts. We do our best to satisfy our customers.

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